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3 top tips to get back in love with your work

Get back in love with your work. As a leader in a childcare setting do you sometimes feel that there is just too much to do? Including, keeping staff up to date, fully trained and inspired to be the best that they can be. Dealing with parents requests, making sure that children have the best possible experiences at your setting and that your Early Years Foundation Stage is of the highest standard. As well as making sure that you are ready for your next Ofsted early years inspection. It is no surprise that some leaders are left feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and just not loving their work. If leaders are functioning at their best often positive effects may be seen for the whole setting. If we love our work, staff we are inspired to improve and parents view of the setting may improve. These benefits can also help to improve your setting and your Ofsted inspection outcomes too. Here’s how to get back in love with your work.

1. Ignite your love for your work by being the best that you can be. Always strive to do your best, but realise that sometimes ‘good enough’ is the best that you can do.

2. You can’t change others but you can change yourself. It is a mistake to think that we can change others. As much as we may want to, we cannot change anyone else. However, we can change ourselves and the way that we interact with others. This can have the effect of changing other’s behaviour. It is ourselves that we must work on.

3. Get support you don’t have to do everything yourself. Instead of trying to be super human getting the support of others can really help to lighten the load.
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