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The Common Inspection Framework for early years began in 2015. The CIF ensures that there is a much more standard approach to inspection across school, further education and early years inspection. There has been an improvement in the number settings judged to be good but there are still large gaps in achievement for the most disadvantaged children. Here is s brief overview of the changes.

The main changes

Settings will receive notice of inspection by approximately lunch time the day before the inspection is due.

– Safeguarding becomes even stronger throughout the framework

– Explicit requirements to look for evidence that the setting contributes effectively to multi-   agency work to support children and learners who are at risk of or suffering harm.

– Explicit references to implementing the Prevent Duty and keeping children and learners  safe from the risks of radicalisation and extremism.

New Judgements

– Overall effectiveness

– Effectiveness of leadership and management

– Teaching learning and assessment

– Personal development, behaviour and welfare

– Outcomes for children

There are some new areas to watch out for:

– Fundamental British values

– Prompt and regular attendance

– How funding is being used e.g. Early Years Pupil Premium

Throughout the CIF there is more emphasis on:

– Creating a culture of vigilance in the setting

– Contributing to local partnerships working on safeguarding, including supporting multi-agency child in need and child protection plans

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