Early Years Mock Inspection

Gillian KitchenDo your staff understand the early years inspection process and are they confident to speak to an inspector? Do you know what to expect and feel that you are ready to lead your inspection with confidence? Be prepared for your inspection with an Early Years Mock Inspection  with the help of an Early Years Consultant with over 25 years in the field of early years and childcare. Build your confidence in leading your inspection and understanding of how to achieve the best outcome for your setting.  Plan to succeed and make your setting the best that it has ever been with an early years mock inspection and confidential feedback to help you develop your early years inspection action plan.

Common inspection framework for early years inspection from September 2015

The CIF ensures that there is a much more standard approach to inspection across school, further education and Early Years inspection.

The main changes

– Settings now receive notice of inspection by approx lunch time the day before the inspection is due.

– More information in the ‘Outstanding’ judgement and no criteria for ‘Requirements Improvement’.

– Safeguarding becomes even stronger throughout the framework

When the inspector calls at your nursery

Be well prepared for your Early Years Inspection with support from The Change Agency. It also makes good business sense to improve your setting inspection outcome and improve your business. The new changes now make it harder to achieve good and outstanding judgments so don’t get caught out. Be prepared and ready to gain the best outcome for your setting.

Self Evaluation Review

By improving your self- evaluation processes you are more likely improve your Ofsted inspection outcomes and improve your setting overall. The Change Agency can assist you to develop your self-evaluation process to promote continual improvement and to ensure that your setting is the best it can be.

Early Years Mock Inspection Package

  • Mock inspection and feedback
  • Review of your self- evaluation
  • Report and action plan

If you would like to book this service and discuss your needs in confidence, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation and to discuss your requirements. tel 07999936086 or 0161 483 5254 or email me at gillian@thechangeagency.org.uk  This package may be taken as a whole with a full review of your self- evaluation, full day or half day mock inspection, feedback and report with actions for improvement. If you prefer you may also opt for any single aspect of the above.