The Stages of Change

 Understanding where we are in the cycle of change is another important aspect of making a change in our lives. Once we are aware of our position, we can assess the action that we may wish to take to move forward.

Stage Characteristics Strategies
 1. Pre-contemplation


You may have tried to change many times and have given up. You could read up  on the risks versus benefits and  positive outcomes related to change
 2. Contemplation


You are ambivalent about change. You begin to weigh up benefits versus costs or barriers (e.g. time, expense, bother fear). Indentify your barriers & misconceptions. Address concerns, identify support
 3. Preparation You are prepared to experiment with small changes You develop realistic goals & timeline for change & find support.
 4. Action You take definitive action to change behaviour Your support provides positive reinforcement for the actions you are taking.
 5. Maintenance & Relapse



You strive to maintain the new behaviour over the long term You acknowledge your achievements & your support provides encouragement.


 “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”      Charles Darwin

As human beings we handle enormous amounts of change throughout our lives, but when a change is forced upon us this can take on a whole new meaning and significance.

To some, the idea of change is stimulating and exciting, for others is a time of great insecurity and anxiety. For many it is a complex combination of fluctuating feelings and reactions and no two people respond to change in the same way.

At The Change Agency we uses a number of tools and techniques to facilitate the process of change including:

  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Change models to suit individual needs
  • Facilitating development sessions to assist the process of change