“I’m pleased with my progress on the things that I worked on with Gillian by undertaking coaching with The Change  Agency I have achieved some long term goals. I enjoyed finding out about myself and how I view the world. I highly recommend Gillian to anyone who is thinking about working with a coach but has been putting it off. Thank you so much!! xx”.  Jen – Head of Business Development (Manchester)

“I worked with Gillian at The Change Agency for almost 2 months and this helped me to see my potential and the steps I needed to take to get there. I found the sessions we had together very useful because her personality and direction were what I needed to motivate me and point me in the right direction to achieve my goals by learning to be more positive and to “fake it til I make it”. I would recommend coaching with Gillian to anyone who is wanting to achieve more in their life or just make some necessary changes to their personality or lifestyle.” Dan – Draftsman (Salford)

“I worked with Gillian at The Change Agency across a two month period, including four formal one-to-one sessions. It gave me the opportunity to take some dedicated time to stand back and reflect on what I have achieved and to define my priorities going forward. I found the sessions we had together were extremely helpful. In a structured, yet informal way I was able to determine what it is that I want to work on and strategies to do that. I would recommend coaching with Gillian for anyone who feels that they want to  freshen up their thinking or need to take time out if they can’t seem to see the wood for the tress, all supported by an objective mediator.” Fidelma – Manager (Greater Manchester).

“I began coaching sessions with Gillian at The Change Agency after resigning from my job under very stressful circumstances, and in a blind panic to find a different, more fulfilling career. You could say it was emergency coaching! In total we worked together over a period of four months. During that time I gained a much better understanding of why I had been so unhappy in my job, and what factors would be most important when considering a new career. Gillian helped me to remember and prioritise my passions, at a time when I couldn’t identify any by myself.

I left every session with Gillian feeling revitalised and confident that I would find a job that I could enjoy. It has given focus to my search for a new career, and I am now much closer to knowing what I want to be when I grow up. Thank you Gillian for challenging me, and for giving me the tools, motivation, inspiration and courage to make my change”. Liz – Clinical Consultant (Didsbury).

“I have worked with Gillian over a 6 month period due to work commitments getting in the way and she has been a pleasure to work with. She is such an uplifting person and keeps you on track towards your goals. I was glad that I chose to work with her as she helped me get out of a rut with my work and personal issues, and you could tell she loves her work as she was always looking forward to the change she could help implement in each session.

I would definitely recommend choosing Gillian to help steer you in a much better direction to have a more positive perspective on your career and life in general”. Simon – Event Technician (Stockport)

“I successfully worked with The Change Agency over a two month period. The process was not only of benefit to my career but highly rewarding on a personal level as well. Discovering and reaffirming my own strengths has set my compass making my path ahead clear.

I would highly recommend Gillian and the Change Agency if you want to focus your career path, or are just having one of those ‘wobbles’ in your life!“ Simon – Brand Consultant (Stockport).

“Gillian has been a Mentor with a number of Senior Leaders on the National Professional Qualification for Integrated Leadership (NPQICL) Programme for which Lancaster is a National Provider since September 2012.

The Mentors we employ in this role are both professional and knowledgeable in their support for leaders in this sector. Feedback from participants on this programme is very positive and consistently meets the national evaluation KPIs. Specifically highlighted in evaluation is the major impact these mentors have on helping participants feel more confident and to be more authentic as leaders and also supporting them to reflect on finding ways to address the key challenges that they need to overcome”. – Lesley Mayne, NPQICL Programme Director (Lancaster University)

“Having worked with Gillian, I was very impressed with how she works. Gillian has lots of knowledge she is always willing to share and has the rare talent of being able to get to the bottom of an issue to really understand things from other people’s perspectives to provoke thought and discussion. Her professional approach is down- to earth and practical.  I would recommend working with Gillian to anyone who wishes to make positive changes either at work or in their personal life”. Julia, (Manchester)

“After just a few coaching sessions with Gillian I feel so much more confident. I now have much more understanding of myself and the way that I see the world. I have a better understanding of what I want to achieve and how I am going to get it. I would recommend coaching with Gillian to anyone who wants to build their confidence”. Lia Student (Oldham)

“Working with Gillian at The Change Agency I feel I have analysed myself and what I need to do. I found the sessions we had together extremely useful so much so my head is back to where it should be. I would recommend coaching with Gillian to anyone who feels that they want to make some changes at work or at home but who is not sure where to start or what to do to get them on the right track ”. Wendy Hutchins – Office Manager Manchester

“Through working with Gillian I have been able to gain clarity about some decisions that I have been thinking about for some time now. I now feel much clearer about which direction I want to go in and how I am going to get there. I would have no hesitation in recommending her”. Eleanor Patel – Director Bamboo Resourcing (Manchester)

“Many, many thanks for everything you have done for me.  I can honestly say that working with you has changed my life”. Anne (Stockport)

“I completed six sessions of Life Coaching over a period of five months, when I started I was not at all sure what direction I wanted to take in my life. I knew that something had to change in order for me to move forward. I found the life coaching process with Gillian  at the Change Agency really helpful. Gillian’s approach was supportive and practical yet challenging me when necessary. I have been able to continue to use the principles and approaches between sessions and after the sessions had finished.  Life coaching with Gillian has helped me to think creatively in finding my own solutions to situations.  As a direct result of the Life Coaching I have learnt how to recognise my negative thought patterns and change these into more positive thoughts.  By doing this I was able to turn an upsetting and stressful situation into a more positive life changing decision, and plan for any further future changes.  The sessions have been helpful to me in terms of helping me to focus my thinking, being able to have the time to reflect on my leadership role and being able to clarify some of the issues that I was experiencing as a leader”. – Gemma (Oldham)

“Coaching with Gillian has helped me become more positive about the future and possible career change”. – Debra (Stockport)

“I have realised the importance of reflection which is something that I never really did before working with Gillian. I am now much more aware of my ‘self talk’ and how to focus on the positive things rather than dwelling on the negative”. – Maria (Stockport)

“I feel the investment made in myself with life coaching has been well worthwhile. I would recommend life coaching with Gillian (she went the extra mile for me) to anyone who is thinking of making some changes in their life but doesn’t know where to start or how to get there”. Gemma (Manchester)

“There was a good balance between listening to my situation and practical exercises used to help me understand my situation. I have gained a greater understanding of my role as a manager”. – Julie (Stockport)

“The materials and techniques that Gillian has showed me have really helped me to understand myself and why I do what I do. I look forward to our sessions”. – Peter( (Manchester)

“Taking a look at the way I look at things and perspectives I choose to take and analysing my skills and interests has re-motivated me to take action! Thank you” – Stuart (Manchester)

“Excellent! Thought provoking, definitely helped me to clarify my objectives. Thank you”. – Rebecca (Salford)

“Working with The Change Agency I have gained valuable insight into what motivates and drives me. I have also been introduced to helpful tools and techniques that have helped me understand my situation and what options and actions are open to me. Making some small changes has made a big difference to my life”.  Paul (Stockport)

“Gillian was so helpful and gave me the focus and motivation I needed. She was fantastic at getting me to clearly state my goals and discover a way to achieve this. I came to Life Coaching not really sure how it could help and having an idea about starting my own business but seeing this as something that I would always long for. Gillian gave me the direction that I needed and also helped practically with contacts. I am now about to open my own beading supply business NEXT MONTH! I could never have realised and had confidence in my own potential without her help”. Claire (Stockport)

“All the tips and guide paperwork were very helpful and gave me a boost to turn my life around”. Andrea (Stockport)

“The change agency enabled me to make positive changes within myself and to realise my full potential. The 1-1 coaching gave me the opportunity to look at my own qualities and how I could use them to make small changes in my thinking this then had a huge impact upon my life. I found this to be an excellent service that really helped me through a difficult transition in my life. I gained the tools to continually improve all aspects of my life and would truly recommend this to everyone”. Sarah (Cheshire)

“I am so glad I invested in this coaching. Although it required effort I now have some valuable tools to progress with. Gillian gave me great encouragement and was so helpful throughout”. Catherine (Stockport)