Hello and a warm welcome to the Change Agency

The Change Agency offers early years consultancy provided by Gillian Kitchen. We provide support, training, coaching and mentoring to childcare settings to help you improve your provision. It’s not just about preparation for Ofsted inspection. It’s about providing the best possible provision for the children and families you work with. However, preparation for your early years inspection is a key factor in becoming a successful nursery. What will happen at your nursery when Ofsted comes calling next time?

An Inspector Calls

An Ofsted early years inspector arrives at your setting the manager is on holiday and the deputy is not available. A member of staff opens the door to the inspector and …..

  1. The member of staff goes pale and wants to run away and hide.
  2. The member of staff says “Welcome to our nursery we’re ready for you. We’ve been waiting for you to come”.

Which one of these scenarios is your setting?

The Change Agency can help you to make sure that you take early years inspection in your stride and achieve the best outcome.


  • Early years consultancy

  • Coaching and Mentoring






“We have been very pleased with the professional childcare consultancy given to our childcare staff during our nursery development stage. This has been a great support to us and helped us to develop our nurseries to a high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Gillian to other clients”
Scott Darraugh, Chief Executive, Director Social Adventures.