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Do you want to unlock your potential at home or at work?

Welcome, I’m Gillian Kitchen, an independent, personal leadership coach, mentor and consultant.  I’m passionate about helping people to reach their full potential, both in their personal and professional life.

My approach to coaching is professional, and uses a wide range of coaching techniques and tools that can assist you in unlocking your potential.

Not sure how to make the changes you want?

If you are seeking to improve your ability to get the results that you want, either in your professional or personal life, then coaching could be right for you. Are you looking to find out what’s important to you? Perhaps you have a goal but are not sure how to get there. Or just wish to consider what options are open to you – develop as a leader, a new career, relationship, or a new direction in your life.

Are you stuck in a rut?

If you’re in a rut. I offer a helping hand to get you on the right track. Do you dream of doing something new and exciting but things just stay the same?  Working with life coach Stockport could make all the difference. Perhaps you would like to make some positive changes and don’t know where to start. If you would like to be more confident, improve your work-life balance, gain clarity in your life or work, achieve your goals or dreams, then life coaching may be for you.

Are you ready for …..?

Finding out what’s important to you and what motivates you. Finding the type of work that you really look forward to and enjoy?  Finding your passion? Gain inspiration, build confidence and achieve your goals. There will inevitability be difficult times ahead and the more you know yourself the better equipped you will be to discover and remove your own mental blocks to achieving your goals. Knowing how you deal with situations when you are at your best and also when you are at your worst. Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and how your behaviour impacts on others. Being able to anticipate more correctly how you are likely to behave in the future, in as yet unknown situations. Find your strengths, weaknesses and interests and understand your core values. Become more effective at work and in your personal life.

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      Fix your niggles for good

      According to a recent survey, bad manners, telemarketing calls and getting stuck in traffic are near the top of the list for women’s top niggles. Other common niggles are, no toilet roll being left in the bathroom, being caught in the rain with no umbrella, missing a delivery and not finding things in your bag. […]Read More »
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      3 Keys to self-leadership

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    • How to motivate yourself when the going gets tough

      How to motivate yourself when the going gets tough

      Are you continually being distracted from the task at hand? Do you fail to accomplish the things that you want to do? Ask yourself what it is that you are focusing on instead. What is your true goal? What we focus on tends to get done.It is important  to know what you want, why you […]Read More »
    • Improve your self-confidence

      Improve your self-confidence

      Improve your self-confidence – We tend to think negatively before we think positively, it’s in our nature. There are a number of studies that show that we form negative thought patterns before we can think in a positive way. Confident people, whilst they do have the same thoughts as the rest of us, have learned to […]Read More »
    • Could mindfulness help you?

      Could mindfulness help you?

      We tend to live our lives in the fast lane these days. We rush around seemingly obsessed with instant gratification. We seem to have the lost the notion of slowing down and having the time to stop and stare. Living life in the present and enjoying the here and now can actually help us be […]Read More »
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