What is DISC?

DISC stands for –

D = Dominant, I = Influencing, S = Steady, C = Correct

“In order to be understood, we must first seek to understand” Steve Covey.

Complement your coaching sessions with an insight into your personality and how this influences your work and life. DISC questionnaire and a one-to-one telephone or face to face feedback session, where we explore your personality traits, how this affects your life and work. Identifying what your strengths and development areas are, and how this influences your life and work.

DISC opens the doorway to effective communication allowing you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people in any given environment.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll send you a link and you can complete the questionnaire on-line in your own time from home. It takes about 7- 10 minutes and you will receive a report of the results and a 1 hour telephone feedback session with a qualified coach and DISC practitioner. Contact gillian@thechangeagency.org.uk
Gillian Kitchen is a qualified personal and leadership coach registered with the Health Professions Council. In the last ten years, Gillian has worked for a number of individuals, public and private sector organisations helping them to understand how they interact with people and other organisations to help develop their people with her business The Change Agency www.thechangaeagency.org.uk