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I began coaching sessions with Gillian at The Change Agency after resigning from my job under very stressful circumstances, and in a blind panic to find a different, more fulfilling career. You could say it was emergency coaching! In total we worked together over a period of four months. During that time I gained a much better understanding of why I had been so unhappy in my job, and what factors would be most important when considering a new career. Gillian helped me to remember and prioritise my passions, at a time when I couldn’t identify any by myself.

I left every session with Gillian feeling revitalised and confident that I would find a job that I could enjoy. It has given focus to my search for a new career, and I am now much closer to knowing what I want to be when I grow up. Thank you Gillian for challenging me, and for giving me the tools, motivation, inspiration and courage to make my change.