How to complete your
Early Years Self Evaluation Form Guidance

This downloadable guidance contains everything you need to know to be able to complete your best SEF yet

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It has long been established that self-evaluation is a good way to ensure that you know your setting well. It ensures that you understand what you want to do in order to continue to develop practice and ensure that children gain the best possible outcomes.

Research tells us that the best settings are continually reflecting on their practice and that they seek feedback from all the users and supporters of their services. This includes, children, staff, parents and other professionals working with the setting. Of course, you do not have to complete the Ofsted self- evaluation form at all. However, you must have something in place for self- evaluation that is a part of the ongoing improvement cycle for the setting.

This guide has been developed to help when you when completing your Ofsted self-evaluation form. The Ofsted self-evaluation form guidance 2015 has been used as a basis for this document.