Coaching young people & children

The Change Agency is here to help. I offer individual coaching for children, young people, parents or people working with children. I work in schools and other organisations with children or young people. I am here to provide the inspiration to help you and the child make positive changes, to enable change so that your aspirations become a reality.

How do I work with children?

Before the first session I always have a phone conversation with the parents so I know what issues they would like me to address. However, in the first session with the child I always ask the child what they would like to talk about. I feel that it is important to address anything that is worrying the child first. The coaching session is the child’s time. When parents are present I respectfully ask the child for permission to speak to the parent.  All information sharing and feedback to parents is done outside of the coaching situation. Sessions usually last about 45 minutes for children.

The benefits of coaching

  • Improved performance at school/college
  • Improved self awareness
  • Taking greater responsibility for own actions
  • Increased openness and development
  • Improved prospects
  • Greater self confidence

Why coaching?

Some children may come to coaching for a specific goal that they want to work on but don’t know how to achieve it, or don’t understand what is stopping them. Others may have not have considered their options. There is usually something that the child wishes to change or make a transition towards. Overall, it‘s about making positive changes.

What types of issues can be addressed?

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Emotions
  • Making friends
  • Problem solving

The coaching process

I work with the child in order to achieve the goals that they want.  There are a number of elements that apply:

  • Building the coaching relationship
  • Contracting and setting goals
  • Change and working to achieve goals
  • Reviewing, ending and moving on


“Gillian has created a business that is relevant to the needs of both young people and adults.  She has worked with some challenging students enabling them to improve their ability to identify and work towards achieving their goals.

As an ‘outsider’ Gillian was able to meet our young people with no previous knowledge or personal agenda. This meant the students did not feel pre- judged and were, therefore, more open with her regarding their behaviours.

The work carried out with the students (all Year 10 boys) was well structured and age-appropriate and, despite their different learning abilities and styles, all were able to access Gillian’s sessions and develop valuable skills.

Gillian supported the students’ personal development to an extent where I was able to see improvements in a relatively short period of time.  Each now has a deeper understanding into their own strengths and weaknesses and all have a ‘toolbox’ of strategies to manage difficult situations.

Gillian is creative in her approach and extremely professional. These strengths clearly allow her to gain the trust of the people she works with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her”.

Janet Kennedy (Student Support Leader) Bramhall High School – Stockport Greater Manchester.

“I am recommending you to others. I was really impressed with your professional and personable approach”.  Parent of a young person (Stockport).


To discuss how I could help you and to book your free 30 minute introductory session please contact me on tel: 0161 483 5254 mobile:07999936086 or email